"BEST of THE BEST" winner of 2011 and 2012.
We offer Spa Inspired Pedicures & Manicures.
We offer Artificial & Natural Nail Care.


Twila T. November 29, 2012

"Natural Nails Spa fab! My girl friends and I went to Natural Nails Spa to get services before our Cruise to St. Thomas, the staff was amazing, friendly and we were in and out in a flash. I had a full set of nails and they were very soft and gentle to my fingers during the process. I would definately recommend this salon."

Sandy W. March 18, 2011

"Need a nail salon? Need a nail salon to go to? Well stop by Natural Nails Spa. Friendly staff and is very clean. If you really want your nails to look really good come to Natural Nails Spa, you will fall in love with it!"

Susan Y. March 31, 2010

"Very good Nail salon!.This is the best nail salon then all the other ones here. Clean,and great,and sweet staff. They do amazing on nails and toes!"

Emma Y. March 31, 2010

"Pretty Good for manicures. They have regular salon prices. They were very nice and much better than the salon in the mall. My nails looked wonderful after a manicure! I got my nails done there before my wedding and was very satisfied.."

Blue J September 11, 2012

"I love this place. The owners and employees are great. Service is awesome and I definitely will be back."

Maureen N. March 18, 2011

"Great service!. Many of my friends recommended Natural Nails Spa to me, so I decided to go see for myself how good they were. Tammy, one of the owners, did my fill- in, and it was excellent. I go see her regularly now. Their pedicure chairs feel like heaven, and they are probably one of the cleanest salons I've been to. They have the best reputation in Boone, and now I see why. Highly recommended."

Chloe F. March 31, 2010

"Best Nail Salon. It is the best nail salon I've ever been too!! It is very clean and the staff there is very sweet. They do very good at nails and toes!"

Theresa L. November 29, 2010

"Their dispositions is what made me decide to come back her regularly. Tammy did my fill-in, and someone else did my polish. Both knew most every customer by name, and they smiled at everyone as they came in. Tammy was also very gentle, even though i didn't ask her to be. she was quick, without being gruff or seeming rushed. In fact, she fixed mistakes a previous manicurist in charlotte made on my nails. I highly, HIGHLY recommend these guys."